Are You Excited Yet?

There are only TWO more days until opening market!!!

To get you even more excited, I asked Maggie and Kayla some questions to tell you a little more about the market and let you know what we’re all excited for this year!


What’s the best way to describe the market for anyone who is interested but hasn’t ever been, or has been coming and doesn’t know the whole story?

Maggie: The Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market is the perfect place to kick off your weekend. Every Friday afternoon, May through October, you can visit the market and talk to the local farmers that grew the food you’re buying. Additionally, with our SNAPback program, Hip Eats, and a partnership with the Blessing Box of Middle TN, our community is making sure that all our neighbors are able to have fresh, healthy, and plentiful food. With food trucks and live music also on site, the market strives to be a fun, festive atmosphere for everyone in Donelson and surrounding areas.

Kayla: Exactly. I think the market is a key to the sustainability of our community. Being in an urban area, it’s easier to feel disconnected from the land, but we have this opportunity to really know our food’s story, where it comes from and who grew it. It urges us to slow down and to appreciate our relationships with the community and with others.


What was the inspiration behind making the market flourish into reality?

Maggie: When Hip Donelson (the Facebook group) had become established as the place to connect with neighbors in Donelson, people started realizing that it was pretty easy to shape our community into what we wanted it to be, if we worked together. Ideas started being discussed and a farmer’s market was mentioned.

Kayla: I can’t speak for this market specifically since I wasn’t there at inception, but I think farmer’s markets in general have grown in popularity along with the popularized interest in local living. In sort of a converse relationship to the fast food industry, people are wanting to get back to a space where food is a central part of the story of our community and where we gather around a table and engage with those around us rather than picking up a quick meal on the way home. The way we eat really impacts how we know the people around us.


What is the main goal you have for the future of the market?

Maggie: One main goal is hard to answer. There are so many opportunities for the market to work for our community that it is tough to pick the one I am most passionate about. Being able to support local farmers and small businesses, while at the same time bringing access to healthy food to all our neighbors is pretty high up on my list, though. When our neighbors shop at our market it stimulates the local economy, helps farmers preserve farmland, and models a healthy community both nutritionally and socially.

Kayla: I want the market to be an epicenter of our community. I want this to be the place where people can connect over food or music or common interest in our community, all while having access to fresh, locally-produced foods and products. In a global economy, I want the market to take us back to our roots of being in a relationship with the people and land around us.


This year, we are so excited to have a new location that provides us so many possibilities, as well as a great staff to help make everything happen.

I'm super excited to be on board to help bring you blog posts, photos, and overall some great information about our vendors and the market. Check back every Wednesday to find little nuggets like this, gift ideas, recipes, and more!

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Marisa Leek